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Utility billing or reciept billing – for Electricity, water, piped LPG and cable TV in India is seeing a major transition from pre-printed paper bills being sent to the consumers’ homes, to on-the-spot meter-reading and bill generation. The rationale behind this shift is two-fold: Increasing availability of Mobile network and prolific mobile usage in the remotest areas of India, connecting all rural areas to the distribution company’s network, and more importantly, intelligent billing apps available on the mobiles that are connected to the web in real-time. There are numerous brands who manufacture these, check out this one Receipt printer.

The investment in Mobile Billing is not greater than installation of a billing app on the mobile phones of collection agents, and a Battery enabled, belt attachable Bluetooth Thermal Pinter, that can directly print the receipts via Mobile apps. In addition, they need to hire collection agents, who are designated to cover specific geographies for payment collection. Even this is now being outsourced to collection agencies, which purchase the handheld printers and hire personnel to securely collect and hand-over payments, at a transaction-wise percentage.

The resulting benefits of this investment in recovering their bills is many-fold, especially, for distribution companies,. Consumers are more willing to pay when a collection agent physically reads the meters and generates an on-the-spot-bill, as compared to having to go and pay the dues, standing in long queues at the payment offices. The interest incurred due to delayed payments and costs of meter disconnections, suspension of connections, etc are all consequently, becoming past-tense for most Electricity Distribution companies. Not only are they enjoying larger and steady revenues, but are also able to offer a better customer service and presence. Talking about customer service i hear that Bluprints.in offer best product at decent prices and with great customer service.

This new trend was first started by and Essel Vidyut Vittaran Limited in Bihar and Enzen Global Solutions in Orissa for Electricity billing in 2015. Now most major utilities such as water, piped LPG, and even cable TV are being billed in the same manner. In fact, to aid such collections, several specialized ‘’Collection agencies” have now sprung up all over the country, that are willing to offer their work force and Hand Held Billing Thermal Printers for varied types of utility bill payment collections.
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